Re: T-Storm this morning

Richard Rohrer

Hi Jerry, 

You faired better than Kathy and I.  We were hit last Monday.  It hit the security light on my garden shed and blew up the electrical sub-panel in the shed, ran down the cable into the main breaker box in the house.  The conduit sub going into the house was cracked and where the wire ran along the soffit, the are lots of bulges now.  So far we have a dead refrigerator,  4 dead TV's, one desktop computer, the cable modem and wifi router and the cable,  I lost the IC7410, which is now totally deaf., but transmits just fine.  It looks like the AH-4 remote turner on the roof is also dead. My SDR receiver that was connected to the dead computer and some other little lights, etc.  It also took out our well controller, so we did not have water for a day.  The attached picture shows where the security light use to be, hi hi.  I found the pieces in about a 30 ft radius of the shed.  

The radios were all off and antennas disconnected.  I think when the lightning hit, it induced a large current in my 120ft dipole which is feed by the AH-4.  The surge must have run down the control lines into the radio.  So now we are dealing with the insurance company on covering the loss.  They want everything inspected by a "licensed technician" to verify that it was caused by lightning.  An electrical company and the well repair are not a problem for the lightning inspection, but since there are not many TV or radio repair places any more I have not figured out how to get the other stuff covered.  

So now I am using my backup IC7100 that I normally use when mobile for my main rig.  I did find it interesting that with a hex beam and three large wire antennas, and lots of tall tree that the shed was the target.  

Dick - KC3EF

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