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I knew it was on the exam, but obviously they didn't.  Might have been in one of those "Ham In a Day" classes graduates where the memorize just enough to pass exam and forget whatever they may have learned.  Have a problem with those type of classes, but some decent hams might come out of them.

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Jerry -

That info IS in the Tech question pool: Question T1B10:

Which of the following HF bands have frequencies available to the Technician class operator for RTTY and data transmissions? 
A. 10 meter, 12 meter, 17 meter, and 40 meter bands 
B. 10 meter, 15 meter, 40 meter, and 80 meter bands 
C. 30 meter band only 
D. 10 meter band only

Obviously the correct answer is D. 

Don't blame the test--blame the students who choose not to learn, or just don't care enough to follow the rules.


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  • Technician-class operators in Palm Bay and Hollywood, Florida, received Advisory Notices after making more than a dozen FT8 contacts on 40 and 20 meters. Technicians are not permitted to operate on 20 meters and have no data privileges on 40 meters.

Guess some people are learning stuff that should have been on the exam .   Once caught a Tech on 40m PSK where he shouldn't have been.

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