Re: ALC Setup for ICOM 718

N9JCA Chris

TO All
Now that I have this Problem solved
Is there anyone available to to a signal report on 40M
Just need to know if I'm transmitting OK
I'll be Monitoring freq for the next hour or 2
N9JCA Chris PODXS 797

On 6/13/21 8:07 PM, N9JCA Chris wrote:
OK All
Seems like I had the Waterfall setting to HIGH (-25)
changed it to -10 and it works. Thanks for all the suggestions
I knew it had to be something simple  ( KISS theory )
N9JCA Chris PODXS 797
On 6/13/21 6:42 PM, Leland Sly wrote:
The amount of signal distortion and ALC deflection you get is determined by the speaker volume on your computer.  Turn the speaker volume down and watch the ALC deflection get less and less.  I adjust the speaker volume so I get no ALC deflection at all on the meter on the radio.
Once you are at that point your signal will be clean and have no distortion.



On Sun, Jun 13, 2021 at 1:25 PM N9JCA Chris < <>> wrote:

    Is anyone running an ICOM 718
    MY signal is very HOT and I can't find the ALC Setup
    I'm only doing 20 W on output but very red between the RailRoad
    I know it was doing this in the TDW Contest that's why I had to shut
    Any Help would be appreciated  Thanks
    N9JCA Chris PODXS 797

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