Re: ALC Setup for ICOM 718


Lot's of our guys know a lot more.
But, the obvious:
Processor/Compressor on?
Mic gain? 
What else?
Regardless of the radio, it's pretty much the same for all x-mitters.
At 20 watts, that shouldn't be a factor...but nothing is absolute.

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Sent: Sun, Jun 13, 2021 11:24 am
Subject: [070Club] ALC Setup for ICOM 718

Is anyone running an ICOM 718
MY signal is very HOT and I can't find the ALC Setup
I'm only doing 20 W on output but very red between the RailRoad
I know it was doing this in the TDW Contest that's why I had to shut down
Any Help would be appreciated  Thanks
N9JCA Chris PODXS 797

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