Chimp Chase Winners

stan W9SMR

Congrats to all those hearty souls that braved the weather and propagation and attempted the Chimp Chase challenge to work 5 QSOs from a portable location during the Endorsement Daze #4 event May 22-23, 2021.

It didn’t always work out, but important lessons were learned along the way.

Congrats to the following members who succeeded in the challenge and will receive the coveted Chimp Chase Atta-Boy as a PDF to print for their display:

A note of encouragement to the several I am aware of that made a valiant effort but somehow narrowly missed the 5 QSO threshold: Steve, WB3LGC and Bo, W4GHV. Congrats to all who made the effort.

We will do this again during Endorsement Daze #5 in August. Think PORTABLE!

Please also seriously consider staging a full-on August PSK31 Expedition (APE). Check the APE Tall Tales on the website to see how much fun that can be.

Contact Dave, KB3RAN for details   See: APE - August PSK31 Expeditions

Please let me know if I have missed your success or messed up the data.



W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director


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