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Ray Clements

I used to volunteer with the county Emergency Management Agency. The Emergency Operations Center was in the same building as the county courthouse, the county sheriff's department and the county jail. The sheriff kept a bulletin board with photos of the most wanted. Every time I passed by the photos I checked to make sure I was not pictured. laugh2

I was not worried though. The sheriff did a thorough background check on all volunteers before they were given access to the building.


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Wow, never thought I'd make anybody's top 10 list.  Except maybe the FBI's… Just kidding…


As with most things like this, I generally take a rather relaxed attitude.  Just doing it for fun but maybe this will give me  the kick in the pants I need to finish the thing out.  I did pick up my June 10 this morning, thanks to Suki JM7OLW.  Wasn't even thinking about it.  Just answering a lonely CQ on 20 m.


Thanks Stan, it's people like you who make this group what it is.


Harry, K9HW


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Thanks for putting the list together.  I'll  be looking.  Great idea to post the list.


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