Re: New Chat: WARC Endorsement #chat-notice

Rick - N7WE

I just subscribed to the 365 Chat and this technologically obsolete guy needs some instruction!  First, how do I tell if anyone is in the chat?  I think I sent a message asking if anyone was there, but not sure.  Second, how do I tell how old the messages are?  I see time stamps (are they local time of the post, all the same time zone, UTC...?) but no dates.  Are the messages deleted after so long?  So as you can see, I'm don't know how to use chat to know when someone is on looking for a 365 contact.  Do you just continously monitor the chat?  Any help greatly appreciated...and have NO FEAR of being too basic for this old fuddy-duddy.  Tnx!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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