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Yep, Rick is right - I used Teamviewer and a tablet to operate my rig remotely and was able to finish some days from work, and some days while on vacation. And I also used the strategy of working the time before and after 00:00z to get two dates in a short period. I started in a leap year, so that gave me an advantage, but didn’t get a clean sweep as some members were able to do. However, I didn’t miss many, and was able to pick the missing dates up the second year, to complete not only 365 but also Clock & Calendar, as I had completed my 24/7 by then as well. That one was more challenging than the 365 in my opinion. Having a buddy helps, one who is willing to schedule times in the wee hours to make those 3:00 am contacts that seem the hardest to get. It would have been hard to finish any other way. Good luck everyone!

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Standby for cheerleading.....

Completing 365 can take a bit of ingenuity - particularly when circumstances take you away from the shack.  We were traveling to family for Christmas and I ended up making my 12/24 QSO portable from a hotel parking lot.  If memory serves, Paula - K7PAX used TeamViewer to operate remote so she could complete some days.  And Steve - W3HF operated from a club station a long, long way from home so as not to miss any day.  All part of the challenge and the fun of 365.

I'm sure there are some great stories out there!  Consider posting yours here to encourage others. And answer those "CQ - 365" calls.  You can't do 365 all by yourself!
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