Re: 365 Endorsement

Leland Sly

I'll join in.  I would like to complete my WARC endorsements.  I need contacts on 12, 17 & 30 meters.  Glad to help members that just need a contact for their 365 award.  I remember when I was close to getting that endorsement I couldn't wait for that specific day to come...hi hi.  Finally got it done a few years ago.  That is not an easy one to get.


Lee n5sly

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 6:59 PM Alan - KA5VZG <ka5vzg@...> wrote:

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start a chat. we used one for the 24/7 and it made keeping track of who and where things were happening a lot easier.

I'll join (or start one), I'm going to try to finish my 365 this summer too.
we usually met at 2330Z to get "day or hour 1" and then worked awhile from 0001Z on to get "day or hour 2"
i.e. operate for a period around the zulu day change and fill two slots that day instead of just one.

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