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I don't want to create an international incident, but I have a copy of 'Call Sign
Directory' by Hans Schwarz, published in Germany 1996. I know things can change but
the allocation of 'B' prefixes from this book is as follows:
BA to BN Peoples Republic of China (PRC), the number and suffix can indicate the
area in China; BO to BQ Taiwan, (Special stations): BR to BU, PRC (Special stations
e.g. BS7H for Scarbrough Reef): Now here's the fly in the oil! BW to BX, PRC Allocated
to foreigners: and last but not least, BY to BZ, PRC Club stations, or 'co-operators'
of club stations.
Now the fact that people have worked BW and BX and been told that the station is
in Taiwan, makes me think that the PRC or ITU must have re-allocated this sub section?
Is Hans Schwarz wrong? Or was the station in which country to avoid...ah! problems?

However the website may be more accurate...but never take anything on the web as
gospel...Hi! 73s

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