Re: 10 M - wide open with 10-10 contest...they take all non-members, too!!

Dan Morris - KZ3T

Wow, we finally made it!!!  I did copy you and the club but your signal was faint and in and out and at the end I just wasn’t sure if you QSL’d and I did not want to log it it not.  got it logged now and thanks much. GL Take care my friend.

Dan Morris  KZ3T

I live to live for Him!

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Yes Stan your in the log on the Open Season thanks for the points on 10m test 73 de Bill N3GTY

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Try an Icom IC-R8600-04. I've got one and it's great!
Solves all of your "rf in the shack" problems.
I use mine up in the mountains at our cabin in Fawnskin, Ca.

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Was on 28120 and Force 12 has SWR problems which crashed computer.  Had to do a reboot .   It's back n to normal now, but even tuner in radio doesn't help.   May have to look at elements to see if they are all there.  Probably will have bring it down off tower - UGH !  Climbing days are over for me and all my climbers retired.

Jerry  n9avy

Bill Wagaman N3GTY

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