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David Tucker

Hey sounds good Milt. Look forward to activity to increase on 30.

73 Dave NU4N 1657

On 6/2/2021 1:28 PM, N6MG - Milt. via wrote:
There's no agreement, either written or of a gentlemen's type that says we can't have an "operating event" on 30m, 17m or 12m.
We'd be working on, and assisting new members, and old crusty members alike with achieving the various WARC band stickers and acknowledgements that the Club offers.  
The software is already in place, and I think we've done it before.
LONP #76

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Afraid their is a "gentlemen's agreement" about "No Contesting" on WARC bands  (12/17/30m ). This provides a safe place for ops to go during contests. Whether it's an "agreement" or "rule" it's a good thing.  

Jerry   n9avy

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 11:27:49 AM CDT, Dave Tucker Nu4N <dwtucker19@...> wrote:

I wish there was more activity on 30. Its a great band and one of my favorites. Wish the TDW contest or any of our contests would allow 30 meters. Just my thoughts

Dave NU4N #1657 73's

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