Help Sam!

Jim K5SP

Sam, provide a time that you will be active, and will make attempt to get you in the log.  The club members will assist you in obtaining the unique QSO's you need for membership.  I understand that you can only operate 20 meters.

Everybody, when Sam provides some time information, be looking for him on 20 meters.  Let's get him in the club in time for the TDW.

Jim K5SP

On 5/31/2021 9:22 PM, Sam via wrote:
This is Sam KJ7RRV. I'm 14 years old and so far have done mostly FT8 on HF (other than a local 10 m SSB net and one CW contact with Fldigi [I just happened to find a CW CQ while searching for PSK31 signals]), but I want to have an actual conversation, not just "CQ CN72 AA00 -15 R RR73 73". I haven't had any PSK QSOs yet because I can't find activity on 20m (and that's the only band I have an antenna for). Nobody has answered any of my CQs, and the only signal I've received was a QSO between two other hams, but that was when I was a Technician, so I couldn't call them.
I'll definitely try to participate in TDW.
73 de KJ7RRV


Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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