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Jerry, not an entirely double edged sword.
When my MixW prints an 070 Club members call sign, I get a small icon that pops up with their 
070 number, 1st name and their state.
If it's a member I've worked, it's of a particular color icon. 
If it's a member I haven't worked, it's of a different color icon.
Really works well for chasing LONP, and just surfing up and down my waterfall.

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Gotta love this software !   Copying mail on 20m and see a guy named Jordan; so MixW sticks a little Jordanian flag next to his name , does that mean he's a Arab ?   Hardly.

One of the quirkier quirks of MixW is that when ever you print the name of a country it sticks a flag next to name...   New Mexico gets a Mexican flag...  New England gets a Union Jack... never wish anyone a Happy Turkey Day because you'll get a little Turkish flag in there ....and so on.  


Jerry  N9AVY

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