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Stephen Melachrinos

Milt -

The rules are clear that for a QSO to count for any endorsement or award from the 070 club, it must be in PSK31. So unfortunately the simple answer is no.

The 31 Flavors contest is a fun event to explore the other (and sometimes faster) PSK modes, but those QSOs only count towards the contest scores (and other non-070 awards).

It's an interesting thought to create an exception to the PSK31-only rule for an 070 event, but that would mean a lot of extra logic in the checker to include non-PSK31 QSOs during the contest window. That would have to be updated each year to account for that year's date of 31 Flavors. There's the question of whether the QSOs should count for awards only if the member submits the log for contest credit. And then you have to consider the impact of the "choose any six hours" contest rule (does the QSO count if it wasn't in the selected six hours but during the larger window?). I'm sure there's a solution to this but it seems complex to create a "standard process" that can cover all variables in an automated fashion. And with the state of where we are today, trying to re-create a fully functional award checker, I would recommend the club leave the rule where it is.


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Gents & Ladies of the 070 Club...
I'm currently doing some log cleaning up, and maintenance.
As I did a complete sort, by mode, I'm wondering...
If I make a contact with a new member that I've not worked other words, a potential "New LONP" contact, 
does it count for LONP if in BPSK 63, or BPSK 125, or QPSK 31, or QPSK 63, or QPSK 125,
BUT, not made in BPSK 31? 

I'd also like to acknowledge the most analytical mind that I've come across in the ranks of our worldwide club.
His help on my log/adif issue has been totally right on and thorough!
Thank you Steve!, W3HF.

LONP # 76
W6QP - Trustee
LONP #207

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