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Chuck M

I could do the OHTA from our half bath.  See photo.  :-)


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In the "good old days" that was acceptable, but the FCC has grown into just one more big government bureaucracy as evident by their now requiring every ham to have an email address (dumb because I have a friend who moved to TN recent who has no internet service at home and has to drive 40 minute to public library for internet !)  and let's not forget the now required FRN number one has to get before taking an Amateur exam ! My friend can't even get decent cell service has has to go to end of long driveway down by highway to get a marginal signal...  great technology ... back to 2 tin cans and a piece of string !

On another note... just read ARRL Letter and they have now started a BOTA  (Boats On The Air) to go along with POTA & SOTA.    Wonder how long it will be before the is an OHTA (Outhouses On The Air)   Emoji

Jerry  n9avy
Jerry  N9AVY

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Jerry -

There are no 4-character suffixes in current FCC-issued amateur radio licenses. (I think there may be some in other countries.) But that doesn't mean that there haven't been 4-character suffixes issued for US amateur radio operators in the past.

One of my favorite stories in amateur radio callsign history was driven by the fact that the Federal Radio Commission (the predecessor of the FCC) decided to issue special callsigns for "permanently portable" stations. (Up until that time, you had to specifically request in advance and receive permission to operate portable.) For a few years, the format of these calls were suffixes that started with two letters Zs, e.g., W3ZZA. Obviously, though, that would allow the issuance of only 26 callsigns in each of the nine then-existing districts. So when they reached ZZZ, they started with ZZAA, then ZZAB, etc. Eventually the FRC (or perhaps the FCC, which took over in 1934) started issuing "regular" callsigns for the permanently portable stations, and the ZZ calls disappeared a few years later when they expired.

I can document hundreds of these callsigns in my callbooks from that era. But just for fun, I bought a 1932 QSL card for W8ZZAP:



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Looks like you signed with a bogus call.  There are no 4 digit suffixes in Amateur service that I'm aware of....  don't think it's a MARS call because you're not a little green guy !  Emoji

Jerry  n9avy  (real call since 1979  & not a vanity )

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Been using his software package for years! I keep trying others and falling back.
I also use the N1MM package for contests and easily import into N3FJP ACL logger.
73 Bo W4USAF.   

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