Re: Just worked our newest member


Howdy guys,

Hate to be the topic of controversy.  I don't have QSOs with either KB3RAN or N6MG.  I've tried to pour through all my logfiles in case I've made a mistake.  FLDIGI saves a text .log file of text that's captured, not sure if it's a signal I've selected or not, in which case, I see KB3RAN in a QSO with CO7HH around 5/21 2214Z.  That's the only reference to him I can find.  I have no QSO in any mode on LOTW either.  Can you guys double check?

To the best of my recollection, the first exchange was Jerry, N9AVY, and right after was John, KC3FL.  I've yet to decide the best way to keep track, but I had deliberately made just an empty 070.adif log file the other day in the meantime.

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