N3FJP ACLog v..7.0

Jerry N9AVY

Haven't tried it yet, but wondering if anyone else has ?    Will support 13 colonies and other contests.  New features.

Jerry   n9avy

"Scott, N3FJP, announces the availability of Amateur Contact Log 7.0, with the following features/improvements:
  • Easy, direct, integration with WSJT-X
  • Support for the 13 Colonies annual event
  • States lookup for DX spotting (and WSJT-X)
  • Support for the free HamDB Callbook Lookup service (which includes USA, Canada and a few other countries)
  • Grid is now returned with the free callbook lookup service (grid is already provided in most other callbook lookup options)
  • Right-clicking on the main form's Spot Last button provides the opportunity to add a comment

Other N3FJP programs have also been updated:

  • ARRL RTTY Roundup 3.9 (which also supports FT Roundup)
  • CQ WPX 4.9 (not WSJT-X applicable, but you can enjoy the rest of the enhancements in next week's CQ WPX CW contest)
  • Field Day Log 6.6
  • VHF Log 6.6
  • World Wide Digi DX 1.2

For more information, see the announcement, or visit the N3FJP website."

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