Daze #4 and Chimp Chase Report for N7WE/P

Rick - N7WE

Well I had a good time!  Not without challenges, but that is part of portable ops.  My plan was to do "car portable" - HamStick on the roof.  That fell apart Friday evening when the coax to the magmount decide to go open inside the mount.  So I switched to the backup plan - wire in the tree come Saturday morning.  Sure could have used a Chimp to run the end of the wire higher up in that tree than 15 feet!  But it tuned OK.

I used my Elecraft K3, microHAM USB III interface, Bioenno 12 Ah battery, and my laptop (which had to run on shore power - another story!) from the lanai.  Backyard portable.  Fortunately, the lanai is screened and has ceiling fans. 


Saturday prop was not great and there was lots of PSK63 for the EU contest.  But I managed to make 8 Qs including one with a YV!  Sunday was much better prop and the PSK63 was gone.  I added another 8 Qs (1 dupe from Saturday); 2 more YVs and a VE, so I ended up with 15 distinct calls.  6 were 070 members and one a new LONP credit for me.  DX was 3 - YV and 1 - VE.  All in all a real fun event.

The takeaway?  I've definitely got to do something to improve the portable antenna setup before the next Chimp Chase! 

Thanks to Dave - KB3RAN, and Stan - W9SMR, the guys that put together the Chimp Chase.  At this stage of my life it is pretty clear I'm never going to do an APE.  This was the next best thing to it!  Thank you!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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