It’s Over - CHIMP CHASE #1 and Endorsement Daze #4

stan W9SMR

It’s Over - CHIMP CHASE #1 and Endorsement Daze #4
Saturday, May 22
Sunday May 23


The introductory Chimp Chase for qualified portable expeditions away from your home radio shack has concluded. Were you able to get everything working in your Backyard or on the Park picnic benches and make the needed 5 QSOs?.


Was your portable operation an official POTA or SOTA?


Send us the Glorious and/or Gruesome details using the Reflector or via direct email to me. We want to share your pain and glory!


If you had a successful operation, a “CHIMP CHASE Atta-Boy” PDF will be emailed to you.


For this introductory attempt to be a valid CHIMP CHASE, the operation must have taken place during the Daze #4 event and have made at least 5 two-way PSK31 contacts with different call signs / bands.  No prior approval was required.



Endorsement Daze Objective - LONP


If you are a new member, this was your Golden Opportunity to start accumulating toward that 100 member contacts required for LONP Membership - Currently, only 451 of our 2,834 members have qualified.


The Official Event duration was:

Starting: 00:00 UTC on Saturday, May 22

Ending:  23:59 UTC on Sunday, May 23


For Endorsement credit, upload your complete log promptly to the Online Endorsement Checker :  Endorsement Checker


If your 070 membership number is above #2786, you should apply for LONP credit by submitting your entire log of member contacts per the Instructions !  



And please send me your comments and suggestions to improve this Event.

I hope to have a repeat Endorsement Daze in August and if the Chimp Chase is popular, we’ll do another one.



W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director



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