Steve WB3LGC

Modified the way the counterpoise is used for the 12m vertical. 
At 1900z... 20m, FT8 @ 9 watts SO, PSK31 @ 70 watts should work?.
I "just" need people listening.

I did make some QSO's.
At 2200z and then some... I packed up the Rig, Computer, and Solar Power "generator" from the deck to have dinner (I am not leaving the rig out on the deck for all to see as they drive/walk by - we live on a corner, so no "backyard".)

73, steve WB3LGC  -- good practice for FD.

On 5/22/21 12:41 PM, stephen shearer wrote:

OK, I did get on and make a few QSO last night.  Later then I expected as company dropped by.

NOW, today (after 1200z)  I had problems getting the "working last night" W10 machine and Winwabler to work (correctly - as it was last night).  Is it the heat (87F going to 92F) ??  maybe?  

I switched to my Raspberry Pi + Fldigi.  It is working, but I am seeing only PSK63 and stations working EU PSK contest.

IT IS hot, I am going to try later this afternoon.  I was only running 5 Watts, but solar...  The 12m mast with 12m wire/9:1 balun tunes well.  I tested 80m to 15m with good SWR before using the ATU. 


On 5/21/21 4:02 PM, stephen shearer wrote:

CHANGE - tonight 0000z to 0200z I will NOT be portable...  BUT I will be on 80m from DE for anyone needing the state.  IF, 80m is a dud, I will move to 40m...  I will be running 70 watts.  I will also "chase".

I am trying to "iron" out the kinks with Winwabler.  I have used it before, its been a while.  Not using Raspberry Pi as I "think" Winwabler (and W10) may be better for "contests" aka FD. 

Tomorrow, morning (after 1200z) I plan on being portable.

73, steve WB3LGC #2814 FM19er Wilmington, DE

On 5/20/21 11:41 AM, stephen shearer wrote:

OK, since May 22 starts at 00z... 
Weather permitting (forecast - to be nice)  I will be on 80m (maybe 40m) from 00z to 02z. 
I "expect" to be running 70 watts. 

73, steve WB3LGC

On 5/18/21 10:33 AM, stephen shearer via wrote:

Weather permitting, I plan on being active May 22.  "portable" from the backyard deck. 
I will at least be running 10 watts.  Antenna 12m random wire vertical. 
Current forecast is cloudy and <25% chance of rain, but 86F may limit me to morning hours.
A nice "dry" run for Field Day...

Plan 20m and 40m
WB3LGC #2814 FM19er Wilmington, DE LoTW upload

changes will be announced via email.
OK, if the station is outside with portable antenna, can I operate remote?  (inside - not in shack - portable wifi)

73, steve WB3LGC #2814

On 5/17/21 8:39 PM, stan W9SMR wrote:
CHIMP CHASE and Endorsement Daze #4
Saturday, May 22
Sunday May 23


CHIMP CHASE  -  Let Us Know Your Plans


You’ve had a couple weeks to make your plans. Please let us know if you plan to go Chimp Chase portable and we will look for you!!


A Chimp qualified portable expedition site must be away from your home radio shack. You may use home power but you need to set up a temporary/portable antenna and station away from the home shack. Backyard ops and park picnic benches are encouraged for this category.


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