Fw: [K9RN] Fiji Pirates

Jerry N9AVY


This  story reads like a detective story.  Fake license from Poland, fake Fiji operation from a boat, fake Fiji QTH, and DXCC credit being dropped !   Who said Amateur Radio wasn't interesting ?

Looks like a money scam.   Go to http://3z9dx-busted.com for juicy details !

Jerry  n9avy

(from Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1517)

"3D2, FIJI (Operators NOT VALID For DXCC). It has been reported by a few
sources that the ARRL DXCC Desk is saying operations by 3D2DOM, 3D2JK
and 3D2ZK are NOT valid for DXCC. Also, Mike, G7VJR, author of ClubLog,
reported on Twitter (https://twitter.com/g7vjr/) that "3D2ZK is now
suspended from using the expedition mode and OQRS in ClubLog". There has
also been a report that John, K9EL, CQ DX Marathon Manager, states "any
QSOs with 3D2ZK will not count for the 2021 DX Marathon". For more details
on why these actions have taken place, we suggest or refer you to the
following Web page:            http://3z9dx-busted.com   "

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