Re: N7WE/P - EFHW?

Rick - N7WE

Well Milt, I'm not sure it is really an EFHW.  Maybe it is a random wire or a long wire.  I get confused with all the different terminology.  After my magmount problem with the HamSticks last night, I cobbled this together this morning from stuff I had on hand .  It is approx 70 feet of  wire (18 guage insulated multi-strand copper).  I set it up as an inverted L using a 23 ft. kite pole and then over to a tree limb about 15 ft above ground.  I'm feeding it with a homebrew 9:1 Balun at ground level and the ground side is tied into my radials for the Hustler 6BTV - 40 radials of random length cut to fit in my small back yard.  The vertical portion is about 7 feet off center of the radial field.  The ATU in my K3 will tune it to 1:1.2 on both 20m and 40m.  So that's OK, but it is deaf, deaf, deaf compared to the Hustler vertical.  Seems to get out well though as I worked a station in Venezuela with 35W and he gave me a "solid copy."  Of course, he probably had a beam at 120' - hi hi.  It's better than nothing, but I'm going to work on something different and better for the next Chimp Chase.

Hope this helps with your questions.
Rick - N7WE
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