Steve WB3LGC

OK, since May 22 starts at 00z... 
Weather permitting (forecast - to be nice)  I will be on 80m (maybe 40m) from 00z to 02z. 
I "expect" to be running 70 watts. 

73, steve WB3LGC

On 5/18/21 10:33 AM, stephen shearer via wrote:

Weather permitting, I plan on being active May 22.  "portable" from the backyard deck. 
I will at least be running 10 watts.  Antenna 12m random wire vertical. 
Current forecast is cloudy and <25% chance of rain, but 86F may limit me to morning hours.
A nice "dry" run for Field Day...

Plan 20m and 40m
WB3LGC #2814 FM19er Wilmington, DE LoTW upload

changes will be announced via email.
OK, if the station is outside with portable antenna, can I operate remote?  (inside - not in shack - portable wifi)

73, steve WB3LGC #2814

On 5/17/21 8:39 PM, stan W9SMR wrote:
CHIMP CHASE and Endorsement Daze #4
Saturday, May 22
Sunday May 23


CHIMP CHASE  -  Let Us Know Your Plans


You’ve had a couple weeks to make your plans. Please let us know if you plan to go Chimp Chase portable and we will look for you!!


A Chimp qualified portable expedition site must be away from your home radio shack. You may use home power but you need to set up a temporary/portable antenna and station away from the home shack. Backyard ops and park picnic benches are encouraged for this category.


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