Re: BV Survey

Steve W3HF

Looks like you're right Steve.
I went to:

and here's what it says.
Taiwan is BM thru BQ, BU,BV,BW and BX
and all the rest must be PRC.
I should have thought to look there. I turn to the NG3K web page
often for other DX info. Thanks for the reference.

SOOOOO after much cyphering, whining, grunting and squirming in my
chair trying to turn that D into a V, it looks like my BD5RI ain't
Tawanese. I have recounted, refigured and talleyed up my standings and
after removing BD5RI from the list of all of my Taiwanese contatcts
for the year 2001, my Grand Total is..ZERO :-)
Hey, look on the bright side: you've got a different DXCC entity now.
That's only the second PRC station I've heard of on PSK. The other
was BA4RF. (What an awful callsign in English! I keep reading the
letters and skipping the number!)


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