It was, all things considered, a good exercise in patience, the caffeine in my AZ iced tea, and superior operating ability.
80m was a bust, although I did work KO4EJD, Darin, and had a few other strong traces.
Don and I had a nice rag chew on 40m, so it's dependable, or was last night. And, Don was QRPp!
From the West coast, 80m was good & got better as it got later in the evening.
Let's not shine on 80m in the TDW. A lot of contacts and multipliers to be had!
I'm going to start spending time cq'ing on 80m in the early to mid evenings here.
N6MG - 070-650

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Thank you for trying!!

We got hammered, swamped, blanked out, toasted, frozed, and QRM'ed, and suffered "friendly fire".

In short, normal stuff. Hahahah.
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