80m PSK31 and W1AW

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Just have to pipe up here - and not looking to start an argument, or a long thread where everyone has to comment, so please don't even if you're tempted.  If you disagree, start your own thread please.

We are all licensed amateur radio operators, and are supposed to know the FCC regulations.

If W1AW is running on its little 500Hz piece of the 80m band, I don't understand why a good PSK31 operator cannot find some bandwidth on either side far enough away to co-exist like all hams are supposed to know how to do?  Band plan allocations are suggestions (we all know how FT8 and FT4 have moved into areas commonly used for a long time by other modes).  To say that you cannot do PSK31 on 80m during the week when W1AW is doing code broadcasts is absolute nonsense.  If someone is using a particular frequency, then just find another one that is open - you always  check before you transmit and QRL, right?   Many people don't, and it's the regulation so you don't interfere with an existing QSO.  We know this stuff.  And it really hacks me when people think that a particular mode "owns" a frequency range - it really doesn't - it's who gets there first - there's just not enough space sometimes and that's OK too - we share - we're hams and we follow the rules.  It's nice to have a starting place to look, and it all works so nice when people follow that band plan, but it will never be perfect because of all the people and all the modes.  We have online chats for real time QSO hook-ups - why not use it to find that open 80m frequency during the week for PSK31 when W1AW is doing its thing?  Online chat works really well for things like that because it is REAL TIME communication and not emails.  Learn how if you don't already.

And imagine what it will be like when propagation comes back?  Hopefully we all will be good hams and follow the rules that have always been there.

My 2 cents.

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On 5/13/2021 4:58 PM, Rick - N7WE wrote:
14 years after full "no-code" licensing and with all the online code practice (including ARRL's contribution) and things like CW Academy, I have to wonder how many people are regularly using W1AW code broadcasts.  It sure does screw up 80m PSK in the evenings here - Monday thru Friday.  

Milt, they don't broadcast on Sat or Sun, so that would be the best evenings to test 80m to the east.
Rick - N7WE
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