Re: What antenna's do you use/prefer?

Ron Bosch

I currently run two antennas for HF. The first one is a 132' End Fed Random that is marginal on 40/80, great on 20 down.  Its major issues are lobes due to its bent (more like wrapped around my yard on three sides) configuration and the fact that is only 20 feet high at the highest point.  The second is an Off Center Fed Dipole in an inverted V that is 22' at the highest point, and 10' off the ground on the long end.  These are a result of living in an antenna restricted house.

The antennas I want are a 67.5-foot tall Discone stood off the top of a 120' tower. and a 529-foot loop as high as I can get it, but those will have to wait for the move to Oregon in 6 years.  It's always good to dream :-)


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