Re: What antenna's do you use/prefer?

Jim K5SP

Have only one antenna at this time, it is an end fed wire, the QSO-KING.   I put it up to try and get the 160 mode working. It is a great wire antenna for 80-10 meters.

I also have a Gap Titan DX that is on the ground.  I have reworked it but am awaiting grandson to come help putting it back up.  At 77 with a bad back from falling on a hatch coaming while on a DD, I cannot do much by myself.  And all the local hams are stuck-up and don't help us old farts out.  I put that Titan up in 1999, and it served me well for 20 years. Went with vertical that had no radials because the xyl would not allow a tower (and a SK a couple blocks away once told me that I lived in a tower restricted area).

Jim K5SP

On 5/13/2021 12:40 PM, N6MG - Milt. via wrote:
This is a subject that comes up fairly often.
Why?, Because we all use the information in our own antenna choice's and the evolution of our current "go-to" antenna.
Is it wire? Aluminum? A combination, dependent on the band or time of the day? 
Do you use a different antenna, by mode?
When you put up your antenna, what factors influenced your choice? 
Never too many antenna's!
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