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Thanks for taking the time for 'esplane this to us.
I'll do the calc's and try to remember where they're saved on my main frame.
Listening to my posse on the local repeaters, not one has gone beyond the limits.

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As I understand, the history on this goes back to 2019.  The FCC was doing a review and update of their RF exposure rules from 1997.  They said in part that there were too many different standards and specific exemptions and they were going to wipe them out and put all RF emitters under the same requirements.  Under the 1997 rules, hams have always had RF exposure evaluation requirements.  But those requirements were granted exemption if your power and freq fell in certain categories.  When they wiped all exemptions (not just hams) it means all hams now are required to do the evaluation.  When you renew your license, the 605 form has a check box that declares you have done the evaluation.  Now you know all I know which isn't much - hi hi.
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