Re: New FCC Rule effective 5/3/21 - Today!

Jerry N9AVY

Good video, but all that math stuff gave me a headache, hi !    Have avoided math since taking Extra in 2000.  

Think the FCC should send out Engineers to do all these calculations, Emoji.  Wonder how many of those operators running 1/4 KW amps in mobile on 2m will be surprised ?

Jerry  n9avy

On Monday, May 3, 2021, 11:23:18 AM CDT, Stuart Sheldon <stu@...> wrote:

I just released a video regarding this... I'm not sure if it's all that
helpful but it has lot's of info and a demonstration of how you can
evaluate based on info provided by the FCC via bulletin 65(b).


On 5/3/21 08:09, Rick - N7WE wrote:
> Milt-
> As I understand, the history on this goes back to 2019.  The FCC was
> doing a review and update of their RF exposure rules from 1997.  They
> said in part that there were too many different standards and specific
> exemptions and they were going to wipe them out and put all RF emitters

> under the same requirements.  Under the 1997 rules, hams have always had
> RF exposure evaluation requirements.  But those requirements were
> granted exemption if your power and freq fell in certain categories.
> When they wiped all exemptions (not just hams) it means all hams now are
> required to do the evaluation.  When you renew your license, the 605
> form has a check box that declares you have done the evaluation.  Now
> you know all I know which isn't much - hi hi.
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