Re: NR3I Activation April 28th - REPORT

Steve WB3LGC


I got setup in the cool of the morning.   Using my mag loop on 20m I was not hearing anything (calling CQ) but running 10W may not help.  I did not find any "hits" on PSKREPORTER, either.  I was using the built-in PSK31 of my KX3/PX3.  I switched to fldigi on a RPi and set-up a 12m mast with an end fed random wire.  (note;  ft8 will "show" the antenna pattern for the loop - next time... FT8 has more receive stations)

I think that was when I worked W4BZM.  Some where in that time frame I had lunch. 

I took time to check the antenna and it tuned fine 80m to 10m, not as good on the WARC bands.  Since I made the 9:1 balun a few weeks ago and only used it once.  The balun/antenna needed "run" time.  I used it with 70+ feet of wire and I wanted to try with a shorter length.

I didn't realize I was "outside" normal range and the KX3 has a 4K RX/TX range.  I wasn't hearing anything, either.  I also thought I was running 10W but it may have been 5w.  I use a 100W amp "in the shack".   BUT, since NR3I is the "QRP Group" club...  I "should" use QRP?

Today, was "sort of" rewinding to last weekend.  I had hoped to have time to operate from Dover, DE while I was helping with a Scout event.  Free time, yes, but I need to work on location.  Since I had the mag loop it may not have worked well, anyway.  Today was a test with the loop.  BTW, it tunes great on 20m (1:1 SWR).  More sunspots needed. 

Fldigi is easier.  Logs too.  The wire is easier to tune, just push the "tune" button...

BTW, I did TX on FT8 and look at my 20m pskreporter "pattern" and  as one might expect, there was a wide break to the first stations hearing me. 

SO, part of my reason for "activating DE" was the warm weather (a reason to get out of the house), try the mag loop (I have used it for FT8), try the 12m vertical, continue looking for PSK31 contacts for NR3I, see how the solar LiFePO4 battery charges (we had sun), and there is always someone who wants DE.  Now I need to upload some past QSO's and today to LoTW.  Today was also a test of the Raspberry Pi and how it did with the heat (outside got to 86F) and the RPi hit 55C with its fan running. 

NR3I is not that far from the 50 needed.  The DE QSO party is this weekend but so is the community yard sale and I need to downsize.  80m/40m in the evening might work. 

73, steve 070Club #2814

On 4/28/21 1:24 PM, Rick - N7WE wrote:
Steve -
Saw you briefly (NR3I) while you were working W4BZM at about 14.072.850.  You were about 439 with QSB at this QTH, but definitely workable.  Then a couple of Olivia stations opened up right on top of you and completely wiped you out.  Don't know how much frequency agility you have with your setup, but you would probably get a lot less QRM from other modes if you can work PSK down between 14.070 and 14.072.  Sorry I missed you, but don't give up the ship!  You'll get NR3I to 070 membership one of these days! 73,

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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