NR3I FM29er Delaware Activation April 28th

Steve WB3LGC

I plan on being on the air April 28th during the day.
The weather is forecast as "almost" record breaking warm weather (86F) and a great day to be outside.

I will be testing a few portable antennas and two different methods (fldigi and KX3).
I will be running PSK-31 at 10 Watts or less. 

I hope to be on the air by 10am EDT.

Using the call NR3I working on getting 50 QSO's for the club call.
I will be located just West of Wilmington, DE  New Castle County.
I will QSL via LoTW (I can do paper with SASE). 

20M mainly  -  I will try 30m and 40m if band conditions "die" on 20m. 

I will report how I make out (or not)... 

73, steve WB3LGC 070 #2814

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