Congrats - PODXS 070 Endorsements – April 2021

stan W9SMR

We must make special note of new member Darin, KO4EJD who has set an absolutely stratospheric trajectory for LONP and Contest accomplishments.

Daren joined us on October 9, 2020 as 070 Member #2797. In Darin’s first 6 months as a member, he has accomplished 192 Member QSO’s giving him not only the 100 Level LONP, but also the 150 Level. He is only 8 QSO’s short of the 200 Level.

What a performance! But that is just part of the story!!

The month following his joining, he finished 2nd in High Power in the Triple Play Contest. Undaunted, he continued his quest for dominance:

How’s that for a Newbie? That places him 2nd in the race for RC3 for 2021, tightly nestled between N5SLY and KC3FL.

Note that one secret to Darin’s success is his being the first member with a number >2786 that submitted his entire log to N6MG for verification of LONP credits. This shows that if members with #'s greater than 2786 submit their logs, they CAN achieve LONP even if it requires manual verification. See below for instruction on how to accomplish that.

We also have an excited pack of LONP Seekers in hot pursuit of this traditional first rights award. If you see them, give them a call and spot them on PSKReporter and our reflector:

And, also very noteworthy was completion by Dave, VE7BGD of his 366 Award. It takes significant dedication to grab that one. You are only our 57th Member (2%) to get it.

With the endorsement software not working properly, a lot of manual intervention has been required. Our Executive Director, Jim, K5SP, with assistance from David, K9DWR, and Milt, N6MG have been manually updating the LONP data.


Since the endorsement checker does not properly recognize and give any LONP credit for member numbers that are greater than 2786, this task must now be completed manually by a volunteer.

If your 070 membership number is above #2786, you may still apply for LONP by submitting your entire log of member contacts per the Upload Instructions !   

Congratulations to all for your diligent pursuit of these cherished Awards!!

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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