KC3EF EL59 Activation

Richard Rohrer

We are finally back in FL.  I wanted to make my comments the other day, but for some reason I could not get on the internet at the hotel.  

The EL59 activation started out slowly.  We were 100 feet from the grid and we were stopped by a slow moving freight train, that then stopped and backed up, then went forward again.  Finally got free of it, but it was a crossed the entrance to  Chalemette Battlefield Park where we were going to park, but the entrance to the Chalmette National Cemetery next to it was open so that's where Kathy pull in.  

Started call Rick, N7WE and then Bill, N7RI without any success.  Just seeing momentary traces then nothing.  Saw Eric, KG6MZS calling me up the band a bit and jumped up and answered him.  Copy was poor, but we did make a complete contact.  Call the others for a bit with no luck.  Decided to put the 40mtr hamstick on and try that band.  Gave a call on 40 and noticed that the swr was really bad and power out was about 20 watts.  Rick called me right away and he was arm chair copy.  Bob K4VBM was the next to give me a call and was 100% copy for GA.  The Lee, N5SLY popped in with a good signal from TX.  We left the cemetery because Kathy heard the train approaching and did not want to get caught on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak.  Worked Carl, N4LPD in FL who was great copy.  Train turned out just to be a single engine.  Was out of the grid, but then so headed down the road to FL.  

I was a little surprised that 40 would be the better band, knowing that the antenna efficiency and low power would preclude good results, but that was the best copy I think for the whole trip.  

Thanks for all who contacted during this tripl

Dick - KC3EF
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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