Re: KC3EF EL39

Rick - N7WE

That's good news Dick.  I'll be looking for you guys.  

Off topic, but you missed a spectacular launch of the Dragon this morning.  The sky was clear and the sun was still below the horizon.  Our whole neighborhood was out standing in their driveways. Very different launch from any I've seen.  Must have been atmospherics combined with the sunrise, but it created a blue halo that spread until it covered half the sky.  MECO was plainly visible, as was booster separation.  Then 2nd stage ignition and booster reentry burn created additonal halos.  Every time the steering jets on the booster fired, it created another halo like it was blowing smoke rings from a cigar.  By far the most spectacular launch we've seen in 19 years!

Safe travels and see you on the waterfall I hope!

Rick - N7WE
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