Re: KC3EF 4/20 After Action Report

Rick - N7WE

Well prop was WEIRD yesterday to say the least!  At times Dick you were S9+ with 100% copy on this end - yet you couldn't hear me.  At other times, you would suddenly disappear off the waterfall.  I've never operated HF mobile, but from operating HF portable I have to wonder if local terrain plays a major role.  I know when portable I have been in places where I was getting out (feedback via internet), but was receiving nothing.  And that was with a 24' EagleOne off the back of the motorhome.  

Thanks so much for doing all these road trips and grids.  And for your perserverence despite tough conditions.  Special thanks to Kathy too!  If she didn't do the route plan and the driving, this would not be possible!

I'll be looking for you in EL59.  If we make it, it will finish LA for me.
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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