KC3EF Mobile Equipmemt

Richard Rohrer

HI Bob,

My mobile station consist of an IC7100 transceiver feeding a 20 mtr hamstick antenna mounted on a taillight mount on the rear of the Town & Country mini-van.  I like the 7100 since the control head fits on the front cup holder and the body goes under the front seat.  Since control and audio goes thru the USB I don't need the Signallink like I did with the 7000 I use to have.  The 7100 also runs much cooler.  For a computer I use an Asus Zenbook 360, with 8 Gbyte memory and 237 Gbyle SSD HD. I like the SSD since it starts in a few seconds.  I use this as my main computer with two monitors at home and also mobile/portable.  It has a 10.5 inch touch screen and will work as a tablet.  I use Win10 with Flidigi for most work.  I use N1MM for RTTY contest and ACL for logging. 
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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