KC3EF 4/20 After Action Report

Richard Rohrer

Well, today was better and worse that 4/19.  We started heading for DL99 and I went on the air in DM09.  Saw Barry, VA7GEM calling but could not make contact.  Then a quick QSO with Rick, N7WE just before the grid, so he was waiting for me to hit the grid.  When we hit the grid, saw Jerry, N9AVY calling with a really strong trace.  When I answered him signal went down quite a bit, but made the contact.  Tried calling Rick, N7WE for quite a while with no success.  Saw a W9 pop up briefly, but did not get a complete call. Tried calling Steve, W3HF, with no luck.  Stopped for lunch at Amistad Natural Area with a nice view of a lake on the Rio Grande.  Saw several birds, including a Hooded Oriole, which is a life bird for us. 

Headed for EL98 in Eagle Pass, TX and started calling while still in EL99.  Worked John, KC3FL who had a great signal into TX.  After that finally worked Rick, N7WE not great copy, but good enough for a complete contact.  When we got into EL89 worked Jerry, N9AVY with a good signal and then worked John, KC3FL.  Called Steve W3HF many times with no success.  We finally exited the grid with no success for a QSO with W3HF and headed back to San Antonio.  

The bands were not very good to us PSK31 operators today.  Saw signals appear and disappeared before a contact could be made.  Hopefully propagation will improve over the next few months.  We are still planning on activating EL59 in LA as long as the weather cooperates.  

Thanks to all who tried to contact us during this trip.  

Dick - KC3EF
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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