Re: KC3EF Spring Road Trip

Jerry N9AVY


Think you need to do a "pre-flight check"  just like for airplanes. Knew a pilot who took off and dropped like a rock because he forgot to open valves on wing tanks - oops !   Loose antenna, loose connectors and other problems can be "gremlins" which can cause your signal to get crummy.

Good luck and will look for you tomorrow in EL98 &EL99 !

Jerry  N9AVY

On Monday, April 19, 2021, 08:43:14 AM CDT, Richard Rohrer <kc3ef@...> wrote:

Well we did manage to make one good contact yesterday.  Started in EM03 trying to work Jerry, N9AVY with no luck.  Did see some traces, but they were going in and out, not enough for a contact.  Saw that the power out on the rig was low and started having problems with RF getting into the computer, shutting down the audio connection.  Had the xyl park in an old gas station and looked at the antenna, found that the hamstick had loosed during travel?  Tightened all connects and things improved.  Called Jerry for a while, but no success. Headed down the road to San Antonio.  When we hit EM01 sent Rick, N7WE a text and also saw him working another station down the band.  He had a good signal, so we made contact.  The pipeline to FL worked again.  Did not see many other traces on the waterfall. 

We will be heading to EL99 and EL98 tomorrow.  It will take approximately 1 1/2 to 2  hours to get to EL99 and then another hour to get to EL98.  I will text when we leave the hotel and before we get to the grid.  As usual I will call those that need the grid first.  Hope propagation is better than Sunday. 

Dick - KC3EF

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