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Jerry N9AVY


For CAT control you need a Emoji   ha-hah !

Chimp practice is good. EmojiEmojiEmoji    Still a tad cold out here in Illinois for me.  Woke up this morning freezing felt like AC was turned on high. Brrr !

Have fun and hope to CU on 20m this weekend.

Jerry  n9avy

On Saturday, April 17, 2021, 10:57:11 AM CDT, Paula K7PAX #1739 via <hamette@...> wrote:

Hi guys - so I am camping and decided to practice for the Chimp Chase. Using the same laptop and IC 7000 that I used when in Lake Havasu City a couple of years ago. But this time CAT control won’t successfully connect from HRD or from WSJT-X. Probably just some dumb setting I am not thinking of, but I tried all combinations of DTR RTS and BAUD rate with no success. I have upgraded the laptop to Windows 10 since I last operated digitally, but that typically only affects sound card settings. My issue is only with CAT control. Oh, I wonder if it could be power control settings affecting the USB ports. Maybe I just answered my own question! But any suggestions are welcome, and if anyone is using HRD with an IC7000 please share your connection settings. I am using a Keyspan USB to serial adapter and installed the latest driver. The only other hint I can give is that when I lowered the BAUD rate to 4800 I did hear some clicking in the radio, so it is trying to connect on some level - if that helps.

Paula K7PAX #1739

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