Re: Most Wanted Grids

Rick - N7WE

Roger that Jerry.  The map is NOT an accurate reflection of the current exact counts.  There are a couple of reasons.  First, this was as of 7/2020 so anything after that won't show up.  Second, Steve extracted the original data from the Endorsement Checker and we all know of the troubles it has been having for some time now.  The Checker just isn't 100% reliable.  The map is for an aid in planning only.  Even though you have worked DN65 (and the red cell is DL88 - not DL86), I'm pretty sure no one has worked DL88 from TX - from XE, possibly. I don't think there haven't been enough people work any of the colored grids to move them off the "most wanted" list.  Down the list?  Yeah, sure.  But "off the list" - not likely.  So I think it can still be a handy planning tool.
Rick - N7WE
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