Logs Due – 31 Flavors Contest

stan W9SMR

 LOGS DUE FOR 31 Flavors Contest by 23:59 UTC Saturday April 10, 2021


If you haven’t uploaded your log yet, please do so. 


Here is your step-by-step:

1) Access the 31 Flavors Contest Uploader Link at:   31 Flavors Uploader 

2) Fill in requested info: Name, Callsign, Email, 070 Number, Power Level, Block Start Time and Soapbox Comments (if you chose).

3) Upload your ADIF with 31 Flavors Contest Records only.

4) Review the initial report appearing almost immediately and correct any errors noted.

Specific/technical questions should be sent to David, K9DWR, at: david@...


Don’t forget, a separate upload is needed for Contest Scoring.  Upload for Endorsements as usual.

If you worked a station in all 6 PSK Modes, you deserve a special note of praise.


Everyone wants a 6-Pack!

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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