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Ray Clements

Even if you purchase a computer that bears the name of an American company, most of the components will be made in China. Thus, I have little concern about purchasing a computer from a Chinese brand. My most recent computer purchase was a high-end gaming PC from MSI (MicroStar International) based in China. It has performed flawlessly. When I am ready to purchase a new laptop computer, I will be considering MSI as one of my options.

Any computer that meets the minimum requirements for the operating system is likely to have sufficient capability for running most ham radio software. If you are still running Windows 7 or earlier, however, it is time to upgrade as those operating systems have reached EOL and are no longer supported by Microsoft. It poses potential security risks if connected to the Internet. 

There are also ham software programs that will run under Linux and MacOS if that is your preference. There are even some that will work with Android and a few that will work with iPhone or iPad. Since Chromebooks run a version of Linux, they are an option as well.

If you are adventuresome, you can use a RaspberryPi, install Linux and use it for many of your ham radio needs. 


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Back in the late fall, Lenovo had a laptop on sale at Best Buy for $119. I didn't see it anywhere else.
"Lenovo IdeaPad Slim144AST-05"
"Model Name 81VS"
That's what's on the sticker affixed to the bottom. I bought 2. 
One is going to be dedicated to A.P.E. w/MixW, & I'll use the .adi log in MixW and try not to keep a separate log.  
Just a bit of background. Lenovo bought IBM's personal computer business back in 2005 or so. It was sometime just after that they started branding them with their own name. It's a real company and I wasn't too worried about quality, warranty, etc.
Back to BPSK31. I'm soon to announce my A.P.E. plans for the upcoming season.
LONP #76

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I use an inexpensive Kindle Fire HD8+ tablet (battery lasts all day) running DroidPSK with a Bluetooth keyboard and Signalink interface to a battery powered IC-7300.  I tried using a laptop with a DC converter plugged into the car (to get around the laptop battery issues), but ran into RFI problems, so didn't pursue it further.
Bob, KC9UR

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