Re: P.O.T.A. - S.O.T.A. - B.O.T.A. ?


Back in the late fall, Lenovo had a laptop on sale at Best Buy for $119. I didn't see it anywhere else.
"Lenovo IdeaPad Slim144AST-05"
"Model Name 81VS"
That's what's on the sticker affixed to the bottom. I bought 2. 
One is going to be dedicated to A.P.E. w/MixW, & I'll use the .adi log in MixW and try not to keep a separate log.  
Just a bit of background. Lenovo bought IBM's personal computer business back in 2005 or so. It was sometime just after that they started branding them with their own name. It's a real company and I wasn't too worried about quality, warranty, etc.
Back to BPSK31. I'm soon to announce my A.P.E. plans for the upcoming season.
LONP #76

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I use an inexpensive Kindle Fire HD8+ tablet (battery lasts all day) running DroidPSK with a Bluetooth keyboard and Signalink interface to a battery powered IC-7300.  I tried using a laptop with a DC converter plugged into the car (to get around the laptop battery issues), but ran into RFI problems, so didn't pursue it further.
Bob, KC9UR

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