P.O.T.A. - S.O.T.A. - B.O.T.A. ?


I'll certainly be looking for you!

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For the last 3 or 4 years, the only mode I activate for Field Days and Special Events is PSK31.  Also, since I started POTA, last December, the only mode is PSK31.  On Monday, April 12th, I’ll be activated with FMARC as W4LX for another POTA (the 5th POTA activation since December).  My rig involves a Yaesu FT-450D along with a Buddistick and other essential items.
Blessings and 73,
Tom – KM4LPW
PODXS #2826
PS.  Thanks, to all who responded to 31 Flavors.  First time ever in activating PSK63 and 125....  Fun!
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YEA, jerry...you guessed it.
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Know about POTA & SOTA, but what's BOTA ???  Bars On The Air ???
Jerry  n9avy
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I see that a lot of the 070 members are also active in POTA, SOTA & BOTA.
When you activate a park, summit or beach, do you ever use psk31?
I've joined each group, as we've got an abundance of each group here in California and the Southwest.
It's kind of neat to listen to 146.520 FM on the weekends. There's "activations" from all 3 groups all day and into the evenings for the locals.
LONP #76

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