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If I'm going to call "CQ Contest" on a band that looks dead...let it be 20m!
OA4DOS @ 01:31
CO6GU @ 03:18
JM7OLW @ 03:52

If I'm understanding this correctly, I can have "Dupes" during the entire time of the operating event. Just no dupes during my 6 hour log submittal time block?
Is this correct?

LONP #76

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Bob, I get you in my log almost every contest. Not this time. Not a peep heard.  S9 noise here sounded like arc welding.

Jim K5SP 

On Apr 4, 2021 2:35 PM, Bob Motyl KK6KMU <bobmotyl@...> wrote:
Thanks for having this contest.  Really a challenge.  Had very high noise at my location in Oceanside CA.  Only had  about 30 contacts buts still enjoyed myself.

Bob KK6KMu

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