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That (CQ station calls the shots) seems like common sense to me, but I know what Tom means about the awkward dance.  I usually have Search & Pounce macros and Running macros all up at the same time, so it's not hard to "change partners," as Tom put it.

I didn't have those ready for the few contacts I made this time and it was a bit of a shuffle



On 4/4/21 11:22 AM, Jerry N9AVY wrote:
Tom and all :

I've always gone with the station calling "CQ" calls the shots (he's in charge !).  As for recovery procedure we should probably default to PSK31.

My 2 cents after inflation ....'

Jerry  N9AVY

On Sunday, April 4, 2021, 12:42:17 PM CDT, K8TOM <tsingle@...> wrote:

Is there an assumed protocol for soliciting mode changes?  If in S&P mode I have always deferred to the running/CQ-ing station providing mode switching requests.  It seems like we ought to make this a stated standard for the event and include it in the instructions.  It's presently sort of like figuring out who is leading in a dance with a new partner...awkward.

Once there is a problem in a QSO mode switch sequence and the two stations are out of sync on mode, what is the recommended procedure to re-sync so that the QSOs can continue?  I have had several occurrences in present and past 31 flavor events where something happened to one station or the other (or more frequently the new mode QSO did not copy) and there was no way for the stations to now resume/resync and continue with the QSO exchanges.  Can we consider establishing a "recovery" procedure?  A glitch (lasting a few minutes let's say) with software, hardware or wetware between the ears occurs from time to time and the lack of a procedure to recover and re-establish the QSO is frustrating.  Since non-members seldom do multiple mode exchanges, this suggested procedure would essentially be for the benefit of member to member QSOs.

Can we standardize the sequence in which we switch modes so that we try all the BPSKs followed by the QPSKs?

I agree with Milt that one of the very good things about this event is that it is limited to a single band-the money band for most of us-20M.  It is simpler for participants and gives 070 a much greater presence/impact on the waterfall.  A non-member cruising the band can hardly miss us!


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