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Jerry N9AVY

Always great to chat with non-members during a contest. You never know if they will join or not, but have worked many who later got their 070 numbers and still have to work them again to claim their 070 #.  

Last week I was able to provide PODXS 070 info to a Facebook group and it seemed to be well received. A couple members there thanked me for info. At the end I referred them to 070 web page. Many had no idea that PODXS 070 even existed.  So talk up PODXS when you're on the air !

Jerry  n9avy

On Sunday, April 4, 2021, 10:05:36 AM CDT, Mike W4BZM <behrcave@...> wrote:

I agree with Lee.  Had a great time.  Lots of signals on the waterfall, including, in the morning, traces from Canada, Germany, and South America.  Worked all six modes with several contacts.  And that was on a plain old wire dipole, nothing fancy.  There was one period of time when a lot of activity went away due to what appeared to be broadband interference in our area, but that was only for a little while.

I also had the opportunity to explain the wide traces to a newcomer to PSK, and to introduce him to the PODXS 070 club.  I think it’s important, even using contests, that we be willing to come out of “contest operation” to enter “ragchew operation” with such folks, in order to cultivate interest in PSK mode(s).  Yes, you end up eating some time while you hear macros about the rig, the weather, etc. — but at the end of the day, what is more important?  Another contact or two in the contest, or maybe sparking interest in a new area for another ham?

Mike W4BZM

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