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Jerry N9AVY

Wow !!!  Surprised the heck out of me !  Figured I'd be low man on totem pole as usual.   Thanks to all who made this possible !

Jerry  N9AVY  

On Friday, April 2, 2021, 02:32:28 PM CDT, stan W9SMR <robinstan@...> wrote:

Erin Go Bragh !!

St. Patrick’s Day Contest 2021 results are in. A very BIG THANK YOU to David, K9DWR, for again creating the upload link and parsing the results.

This was a 24 hour long contest on all bands 160M to 6M, so we had full flexibility to choose the operating times and frequencies to maximize our results.

Our TOP DAWG and 1st Place Medium Power winner was consistent high-roller Lee, N5SLY who again humbled the competitionLee had 127 QSOs, 5 Countries and 33 States along with the Erin Go Bragh bonus.

In 2nd Place Medium Power was Jerry, N9AVY. Jerry also earned the Erin Go Bragh bonus. In 3rd Place was Robert, KF3AA.

In 1st Place, High Power, was Darin, KO4EJD with 90 QSOs, 4 Countries and 28 States. He also earned the Erin Go Bragh bonus.

In 2nd Place, High Power was Steve, VA3TPS and in 3rd Place was Bob, KK6KMU.

Low Power 1st Place was Jim, K5SP, our illustrious Executive Director, with 82 QSOs. This in spite of not earning any Erin Go Bragh bonus points.

In 2nd Place, Low Power was Milt, N6MG closely followed by Steve, W3HF in 3rd Place.

The sole entrant and 1st Place in QRP Power was non-member Sameer, KI5EIF, of Austin TX. Congratulations and welcome to our contest. We hope to see your application to join us soon.

Winners in each Category are summarized in the table below.

With 62 logs submitted (up from 47 last year) we had great participation, with 2,205 uploaded QSOs. There were 11 High Power, 33 Medium Power, 17 Low Power and one QRP Power logs submitted.

This year, only Milt, N6MG was able to pull in Suke, JM7OLW on 20M. A summary of QSOs by band is shown below.

We were honored to have 5 non-members join us. In addition to our QRP winner Sameer, KI5EIF of Austin, TX, we were joined by Jason, K3JSJ of Bowie, MD; Steve, NR3I of Wilmington, DE; Michael, KC7MAW of Port Orchard, WA; Richard, N4FA of Cape Coral, FL and MatthewWA0V  of Augusta, KS. Thank you all for participating. We hope to see you join us soon as members.

Sorry, can’t resist bragging that W9SMR somehow lucked into the Erin Go Bragh bonus also. With minutes left in the contest, in walked John, W3BUG #2540 completing my reward. Thank you, John!

Full results will be uploaded to the 070 Club and 070 Club Contest Reflectors. See for info on viewing: 070-email-reflectors

Our next challenge is the 31 Flavors Contest, starting Saturday, April 3rd. This is your rare chance to conquer 5 other PSK modes with ample opportunity to compare the sensitivity and speed of these robust digital modes. For details, see 31-Flavors Rules



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